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New Dice are in stock!

The pandemic has disrupted a lot, and it really slowed our production schedule down, but our new dice are finally here! You can snag them today. We also got a restock of – almost – all our other custom titles, so you can get some of those if you missed them in the first wave.

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5 comments on “New Dice are in stock!


Had not checked this site in so long. Very glad to see it back up and running. My old account info seems to have completely disappeared though. Any way we could retrieve all of my old info including past orders, so that I can get started ordering all the dice I do not have yet?


Hi there! Sorry for the slow reply. Unfortunately, account retrieval from the old system is not possible, but I can help you recover your password from the new system if you’re still having that issue. Please reach out with some details to warehouse@rpgshop.com. Thanks!

Eric Storm

So, I had taken the time to make a new account. Left a message on this post and it was waiting approval. Now I can’t log in under the new account because the password email never arrived. HELP?
– nekkral


Please reach out with some details to warehouse@rpgshop.com and we can help with account retrieval and setup. Thanks!

Nekkral (Eric Storm)

The email has been sent


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