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Dice On Backorder

So the electronic side of things is up and running again, which is cool, but our production is a little bit behind due to the New Year throwing off some aspects of manufacturing.

For now, if you place an order with dice marked for “Backorder” you should expect everything to ship together, in one package, around March 30 (8 weeks). Some dice may arrive sooner, in which case we’ll ship them sooner. To avoid those delays, order just the dice we have listed in stock (clearly marked on each item page). If you accidentally DO buy something that is on backorder, you will get an email that let’s you know, so there should be no confusion.

Thanks for your patience while we get things up and running again!

– Matt

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Question-I noticed some dice are on backorder again…when will these be back? Is 8 weeks a standard? Also, it’s my first time ordering…is there a way we can ask for matching white dice if at all possible? I noticed several different colors… thanks for such a creative and useful shop! I’m trying to gamify my life and these will come in very useful!


Hi there! Backorders are TYPICALLY 8 weeks to cut, paint and deliver. However, with COVID-19 it’s been more like 8-16 weeks.

Most dice are only in one color, but if you have suggestions for specific color combinations, or ink colors, we do have the option of custom coloring the ink on the dice. Reach out to warehouse@rpgshop.com to request special colors. Thanks!


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