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16mm Trap Trigger d6


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The Dungeon Features series of dice continues, bringing this line up to a total of 11 dice, all d6s, all part of building an elaborate, randomized dungeon. You decide what category of room the players discover, and the dice do the rest! Build hallways, castles, ruin fortresses, ancient temples and more!

Add some flavor to your trap (and use our It’s a Trap Die for even MORE randomness!) by determining exactly how it’s triggered. This insidious die will certainly throw your players for a loop when you roll it for every trap. They’ll think you had an elaborate master plan, with many hours of prep, for each trap, when in fact you just diced it up on the spot.
Trap Trigger die gives the potential for these kinds of mayhem
  • Stepped on
  • Moved through
  • Touched
  • Opened
  • Examined
  • Moved

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