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16mm Scroll Mishaps d6


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The Dungeon Features series of dice continues, bringing this line up to a total of 11 dice, all d6s, all part of building an elaborate, randomized dungeon. You decide what category of room the players discover, and the dice do the rest! Build hallways, castles, ruin fortresses, ancient temples and more!

So you found a magical parchment in the depths of a ruins, and one of your party members just started reading it. Boy, if we had a nickle for each time our friend Leah, well, but that’s a story for another time. This die will cause all kinds of crazy effects when that “one player” (EVERY GROUP HAS ONE) reads random runes or scrolls. Also great for rogues or Wizards ‘experimenting’ with spells beyond their skills.


Scroll Mishaps d6 brings you:
  • Force explosion
  • Random target
  • Wrong location
  • Contrary effect
  • Bizarre effect
  • Late activation

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