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16mm Dungeon Room State d6


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The Dungeon Features series of dice continues, bringing this line up to a total of 11 dice, all d6s, all part of building an elaborate, randomized dungeon. You decide what category of room the players discover, and the dice do the rest! Build hallways, castles, ruin fortresses, ancient temples and more!

The Dungeon Room State is a critical add on die in the Dungeon Features line, telling you what state of repair (or lack thereof) a given part of the dungeon has fallen into. Need to know how a specific area differs from the default state of your overall dungeon? Want to know what caused a ruins to be ruined? This die has you covered! Roll it once for the whole dungeon, or room by room as you want to add flavor.


Dungeon Room State d6 features:
  • Collapsed
  • Wet
  • Camp
  • Wrecked
  • Pristine
  • Stripped Bare

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