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Website Update

Website Update

In 1996, when James Mathe first opened RPGShop.com to serve the needs of dice geeks and goblins everywhere, the internet was a very different place. There weren’t tons of sites selling everything, there were just a few. At the time, it made sense to sell EVERYTHING that a gamer might want in one spot.

Increasingly, the game industry has become divided among those who shop locally at their FLGS, and those who principally purchase from a large, online, source. That leaves sites like RPGShop somewhat stymied, as we cannot sell EVERYTHING, and we don’t add the incredibly community value of a local game store.

What we can do is sell specialized dice. So, with that in mind, we have relaunched RPGShop.com with the intent to sell only high-end, high-quality, RPG accessories. We’ll begin from the custom role-playing dice you may know and love, bringing in a few external favorites, and continue to build a small, but awesome, selection of products to make your role-playing extra special.